The Husband Shirt Studs 12 Pack


Breathe new life into your Husband Shirt with a full set of our signature tuxedo-style gold Husband Shirt studs. The studs are easily screwed off and swapped between shirts, so switch it up from silver to gold, depending on your mood. 


The soft, subtle hue of our gold studs was designed exclusively for Misha Nonoo, inspired by a pair of Misha's favorite earrings. Pair your gold studded Husband Shirt with gold jewelry to help the warm tones shine through. 


This set includes 12 Misha Nonoo soft gold tuxedo-style studs- 12 bottoms, 12 tops, and 12 plastic washers. To assemble, place the plastic washer on top of the bottom screw, place the bottom screw through the underside of the shirt, and screw the top button over it.